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You can explore it, you can close it, you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it. If you still think the messages you receive from various companies or organizations belonging to various sectors of business to market their products and services are so senseless and if you think the tiny banners with some tiny text and images that pops up inside your phone applications and browser are less valuable, you probably are incorrect. In today’s world with immense evolution and growth in field of Smart Phones, mobile advertisement is one of the fastest emerging industry.

From tech-giants to start-ups everyone has been part of this industry directly or indirectly. It is far more optimized way to reach people using one click rather than going for the conventional methods of advertisement.

Smart Phones in current generation resembles as package of every individuals personal information and moreover a medium to reach every person individually which feels much more as personal connection psychologically. You all might be aware with the terms such as click-ads, banner-ads, push notification etc. But have you ever imagined that this small terms are reason to generate a billion dollar industry. GOOGLE with brand value of approximately 100 billion dollar is at the peak of achievements with mobile-ads, being a largest advertising company it has its own vision and strategies which earns it top most position in the list.


According to the stats of eMarketer GOOGLE generated net revenue of 38 billion dollars in year 2016 from mobile digital ads, which is expected to rise up to 50 billion by 2017. As a matter of fact, mobile advertisement are targeting large audiences with sense of personal touch, it is far more intriguing rather than old ways like newspapers. Mobile advertisements have also been interactive and graphical to attract the user’s mind.

Viral marketing is a result of Mobile Advertisement, It is probably the most effective term in the field of marketing using social media as weapon to expose advertisements from various sectors. There has also been a lot of questions regarding the negative impact of Mobile Advertisement, foremost all other PRIVACY is of primary concern. Mobile Advertisement works based on use of personal information of every individual. To target the relevant customers and people the industry works on gathering the personal information and using it to customize and project the relevant ads, this surly needs personal data of users and this brings to the question of PRIVACY and SECURITY.

There is no denial to the fact that Mobile Advertisement holds the future of the Advertising industry. It is ever-growing and will be preferred as best source marketing & advertising in the upcoming competitive times. It is growing and sky will be the limit. If you still think your phone is just device, think twice its one of the millions which runs this billion dollar company.