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Account-based marketing or key account marketing is an effective way for the marketing team to achieve the desired targets and win the sales. With this strategy in your hands, you achieve targeted and qualifies leads complimenting the win rate of sales and marketing team.

Implementing ABM in your sales strategy turns the complete sales graph towards the growth, this is because in account-based marketing you target the right audience for your business. Instead of wasting time on pulling leads from a crowd, it is always a better option to go through a small targeted customer group where there is a high probability that most of them buy your products/service. These targets can be identified through sales intelligence.


Though targeting the customer is a hard task, it can be done right through paid campaigns on social media. We have all heard of organic searches as well, but there are differences in getting the customer base through paid and organic searches. As most of the business lookup for faster results, we will discuss a proven method to increase your client base through paid campaigns.

Many businesses choose paid campaigns for they have total access to ad placement and on the budget. With highly targeted audience and traceable ROI, you are sure to check quick results.

Steps to run a paid campaign:


The endpoint of every sales strategy is to close the deals at the earliest. Knowing the objective of approaching the sales prospects at every step helps reps in closing deals and achieving the goals.

Preferred Channel:

In account-based marketing, the channels businesses use has a major impact on getting the right customers. For a B2B business, LinkedIn is said to be the most useful and a professional platform to target the right audience instead of any other casual approaches. For a B2C company, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can prove the results in a very short while.

Target Identification:

Though identifying the exact target audience is difficult, it can be done easily through marketing intelligence. This allows you to filter the prospects passing through every level of the sales funnel and find out the key decision makers to buy your product.


As said from ages that “The Content is The King” you should first have the content ready for the campaign which is weaved around your business and customer requirements. Be careful while running a campaign for the target customers as all of them might not be looking for the same solutions from your end.


Always try to get back to analytics report of your sales and find how is the campaign running and if it is actually bringing you the valid customers. If not it is the right time for you to restart the campaign.

The main goal behind account-based marketing is to provide the right product for the right audience at the right time. Many of your clients may not be aware of the services you are providing Hence, choosing ABM can be useful in getting more number of target audience with an increased ROI for your business.