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“Sell this pen” who doesn’t remember the famous scene from Leonardo’s Wolf of Wall Street. Well, of course, it was a movie. But inspired by the real life, it represents the exact meaning of term “Demand Generation”.

Many times it happens when you go to the stores and buy stuff you never had in your list, it probably is the effective cleverness of dressed up gentlemen known as a salesman. If we talk about the modern competitive world of business, there is no way possible that is left out by the companies to attract their customers. But what basically is Demand Marketing? It is a process of promoting business and its products.


It moreover is a marketing field connected with making customers realize why they need the product or service the company provides. It is not only limited to customers, it is also included in other sectors of business like business to business and business to government. Demand Generation is mostly included as a subdivision of marketing which includes a lot of methods like social media marketing, online marketing, telemarketing, search engine optimization etc.

In nutshell, it is about building awareness about the product or services provided by the company. According to my understanding in simple terms, it can be referred as “Gaining customers or your buyers' trust”. It makes it more reasonable and answers the question in every customer’s mind “Why exactly I should go for this specific product or service?” Henceforth it also plays a vital role in creating stability of the business.

It is responsible for creating long-term business opportunity. Innovation and creativity have been the base of strategic planning for today’s business growth, Demand Generation is considered one of the most important aspects of any kind biz. Demand generation includes targeted marketing methods which are intended for the purpose according to the type of the customers and products, it is affiliated with business to generate lead which emphasizes on increasing or creating brand value. ‘Brand’ – one term that we all know plays a crucial role, for the success of business from any sector and any field.

Demand Generation not only helps business for an increment of its revenue, but it is also responsible for the intact bond with its customers which would last for a long time. Data management and Marketing analytics are two main important disciplines to work on for Demand Generation. While there is been constant innovation and development in designing new strategies and ideas to work in the sector of Demand Generation as according to the vision of the rapid growth in modern world business of 20th century, it’s one of the most necessary and important processes of Marketing