TACTQ Insights

Usually in sales calls or the way sales executives connect to clients these days is through internet or phone calls. Hence, it takes in depth skill to close a deal just over a call. A sales call rounds up to increasing your pipeline and converting more customers to clients. While speaking to a prospect on the other end, you need to be aware of few things.

Firstly, you should be knowing to whom are you speaking and why, possibly the person’s position in a company if it is B2B sales call and if B2C how is he concerned about buying your product / services. As this becomes a base for your conversation and helps you to convey about products in an appropriate way also on his level of understanding. We mean to say if a non-technical person is on the other end and you go on saying all the technicalities he may not be able to grasp you and definitely there is no conversion of the prospect. Also, there are many marketing intelligence platform to assist you finding more details on prospect.


To make your call more effective, write down the main points you found on research, it includes information on the company and their requirements. Make sure not to spend much of time on this as it is just a base to take your call. Sales and marketing intelligence tool helps you understand the complete job profile and responsibilities of that person and industry verticals they work on. Check out the recent news about the company, it may update you with recent growth of the company. Also, go through the company’s website or blogs for their objectives and visions.

Secondly, it is important to know what the customer wants to know and hear from you, so that the call doesn’t end up in just a “no thanks” or a “hang up”. So do a thorough research on what the client needs and carry out the conversation accordingly. A marketing intelligence tool can provide you all necessary details including upcoming products, acquisitions, need of human resource for the projects, contract renewals etc. of a company which is needed by you to get into the conversation. Ask questions to your prospect and what they want to achieve. Try to grasp all these in few moments and articulate your products’ features for their needs so that they can connect and convince the management to invest in your service/product.

Lastly, be careful about how to end up the call, weather you add the call to your pipeline or just end it up. Whether it be an enterprise grade product or other, every sales call need not conclude at once. Hence, connect the concerned team with the prospect for a trial period and follow up to sell your product. Always make sure to conclude with a positive approach and concentrate on converting it to lead.

Every business has different strategies and way of marketing and sales, an expert marketing team should design different strategies for business to business. A quick hint to convert your sales call is always follow the rule that you converse to know more about the prospect and not forcing them buy your product just for the sake. Give them a feel that there is no better alternative for your product which is exactly what they need.