TACTQ Insights

What's most important to you as a marketer or as a sales representative? Traffic, leads, and bookings right, but underneath all these metrics what is the common end game? Revenue, yes you heard correct, Marketers attract buyers to drive revenue, Sales reps close deals to drive revenue - this is where a business growth comes from Revenue Acceleration.

The more aligned you are, the faster and easier it is to generate revenue as it is the value for what clients are willing to pay for your products and services. Revenue Acceleration combines conversational sales and marketing, it generates a connection with buyers in real-time and delivers personalized customer experiences. In short, it will increase your revenue, shorten your sales cycles, and strengthen your brand.



The two main ways businesses can accelerate revenue:

Make your customer's buying journey as personal and authentic as possible, yes it's one of the main ways to accelerate your revenue. One can do it by acknowledging that each buyer has different needs, desires, expectations, and challenges, then according to that, you design the best experience for each customer, which allows you to remove friction and helps you to build stronger customer relationships.

Engage buyers and move them through the buying journey, another way is to streamline and optimize your marketing, sales, and customer's success, as your employees collaborate to produce a seamless conversation for buyers, which flows from a prospect's first touch point all the way through their buying journey and long-term customer experience.

These two approaches give organizations a competitive edge and help in driving revenue as it cut down your customer acquisition cost and increasing customer value, but many organizations usually struggle to nail them as they often do not recognize the link between them.