TACTQ Insights

Any business organization processing marketing and sales should coordinate at work as they are interdependent for support. Many instances where these teams where not working in pace resulted in huge decline of company/ business’s growth. A marketing team always focuses on promoting your products/services and assists in your business growth.

Whereas a sales team is into selling your products for the right prospects found by market research.

The growth of a business is directly proportional to the coordination between the teams. An effective strategy of all the teams will definitely result in getting more business. Hence, anyone in higher positions to manage these teams should keep an eye on their coordination n working. Here are the top five signs that you must watch out for in your teams.


Goal Oriented:

A must have feature for every aligned teams is that they are working towards attaining a same goal. It is not always about who work relentlessly to achieve the targets but it is all about how they divide the work and goals to achieve individual success. In short both the teams have same vision and goal on the bottom line. To achieve a common goal teams should have tactical approach on either end. Keeping customer experience as a main priority the strategies can be designed.

Honest Approach:

It always doesn’t favor us the way we need it to be. Yes, we may find pitfalls in sales growth or many a times marketing strategies would go wrong. As marketing and convincing a customer to buy your product is all about the intuitions we have about the customer needs. Hence, it is necessary for both the teams to bring the issues openly and discuss honestly. When there is a difference in issue, make sure that the teams interact openly and accept the suggestions positively and work accordingly.

Trust Factor:

The usual grumble we get to hear from sales team is that the marketing team is not getting the right prospects or leads for sales and simultaneously marketing team point sales team for not closing the deals. These issues project a negative image of lack of trust between the teams where each of them try to prove their statement and not work towards solving the problem. Growth of an organization in solely dependent on the team’s trust on each other.

Learn, Work Together:

No matter how much expertise you have in the team, the learning gets better every day. If the teams can learn together and implement the work together that can be a major reason for growth of a business. No ideas and strategies works best for the first time, but accepting it with no pleasure and incorporating trial and error methods, the teams can grow big and smart in getting the deals.

Visible Growth:

The growth of an organization can be measured by number of variants. Many researches have proved that right alignment of teams can result in rapid growth of a business. By coordination in team, the company can expect 208% of marketing revenue. 36% of companies retain their customers by good alignment in the teams.


Though at initial stages it is difficult to track the growth attributed with this strategy, a noticeable difference can be seen in defined time period.