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Cold calls are an unsolicited visit or make an anonymous call in order to sell your products or service. Now the question is how to we start with it and make an effective sales call.

For most of the sales executive take a step back and sweat while making a sales call as it is the crucial step in dealing with a prospect. Hence, without a proven strategy for making a sales call you will be on deep end of the market. Without exactly planning what you are supposed to convey on a call it is hard to convert a prospect to a customer. A very basic strategy of making a good cold call is to “Be a Good Listener than a Better Speaker”.


For all the efforts of yours in getting a pitch just in few seconds intruding someone’s precious time, you are risking a “no thanks” or a “hung up”. But don’t brood, here are five best strategies you must follow to make your sales call much more effective.

Smile a while:

As many researches prove us that a smile can bring us a positive energy in whatsoever worst situation, make it a habit to keep smiling at your desk or workplace before attending a call. Though many times it seems funny and difficult, it obviously is bound to make your conversation much better than expected.

Speaking with a smile builds a good rapport with the listener as he could easily make out your expression while listening to you. Your facial expressions can make a lot of difference to the way you are speaking to a person.

Stand Bold:

Body language plays a vital part in your conversation. The posture you keep up while speaking is capable of boosting your confidence or in a negative sense a bad body posture would result in decreased energy and show off your stress. So always sit straight rather than slouching in your work station to keep away the sense of nervousness.

Feel Good:

Glancing the photos of your most loved ones or remembering some good memories before picking a call would obviously take you away from anxiety and sense of fear on a call. If you are a no pics on desk kind of a person, speak to your close ones for a while and then take up the call. This is a sure strategy to boost up your confidence while interacting.

Provide in a nutshell:

A study depicts that the brain can only hang on to 20-30 seconds of information received at a time. Hence speak one or just two sentence at a time and which is of at most important. No stranger is interested to listen our stories which he is not interested in. Don’t ever try to overwhelm the listener with your industry details and technical stuffs. Give him an overview of the service you want to deal with and let him get back to you for a meeting to know more about the services. This is the key strategy to convert a prospect to a client. Always keep the conversation short and worth.

Affectionate rejection:

You should always be ready to lean on rejection if you really need to be successful in sales calls. If you concentrate on reducing the number of “no’s” for a day rather counting on “yes” you will gradually increase the sales performance by growth in your sales pipeline.


The more complex a business solution/ service or a product is allow the prospect to speak more and show interest in your product. This has a high probability of getting him on your sales pipeline. Alter the way you speak with every prospect and customize it to the max to be more connected with them.