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Most of the salespeople's time is spent on non-selling tasks that do not result in revenue. Here's where the sales automation and workflow setup comes to light, it helps you to maximize productivity in your sales team and leads them to the path where they can spend more time selling and closing deals.

First, let's know what an Automation workflow does. It is a programmatic function that reacts to the user's interactions with your email campaigns or website. In essence, automation software picks up the digital footprint of your prospects and helps you in identifying the data that brought users, their order of activities, and the trigger for these actions.



Automated workflows save you a huge amount of time in repeated manual work and generate a significantly larger volume of leads. Now, let's look at how you can improve sales tasks with sales automate workflows.

Pipeline Management - It's crucial to qualify your leads and manage your sales pipeline for forecasting, as only 25% of all your leads will be sales qualified. Automated lead distribution and enrichment tools enrich your pipeline with quality leads and make your workflow easier by allowing you to efficiently assign qualified leads to your sales reps and keep an eye on lead's journey and outcome. Automation and workflows can reduce your effort by over 50% and can be effective at closing deals.

Email Management - Email workflows and templates can make salespeople's constant move with multiple prospects easy. Email Automation saves more of your time and helps you in personalizing the emails such as welcome emails, follow-up emails, schedule-a demo emails, meeting reminder emails, and thank you email to new customers. Along with that, it allows you to perform A/B testing and find out the exact profitable solution which improves your win rates and helps you become a top performer. It can create handy workflows and sequences that it is easy to send personalized, fast, and accurate emails to the targets.

Reporting - Automated reporting assists sales reps to focus more of their time on selling rather than doing manual data-entry tasks and with help of modern CRMs its an easier task. Automated workflows reduce major challenges and the amount of time spent on manual work data -entry tasks. With customized workflows and dashboards, your sales team can keep close tabs on the sales funnel as it turns the data on your dashboard into easy-to-digest graphics and visualizations.

By allowing automation and advanced workflows you can make the most of your sales conversions. If your sales and marketing team is struggling with automation and you require guidance regarding it, feel free to drop us a line.